mega65 wiki?


Aah, while browsing through Paul's blog posts, in one of the comments, he mentioned that there was documentation accumulating within google groups somewhere:

Just wondering, is there a link we could have to this doc? Or we'd need to join the google group for this?

Or is it perhaps referring to the document that Ralph got started with? (Covering the setting up/configuring of the hardware side of things with the Nexys board?).

I could emphathise with TBG's comment in the blog post there regarding how it's hard to dig around for info via browsing through blog posts and I hope that by re-organising that knowledge into a wiki-form, it can make that knowledge even more accessible, even if much of the content is simply links to your blog posts that relate to specific matters (as my draft wiki attempts to do presently).

Mind you, I'm definitely not trying to take the shine or merit away from your blogging efforts, it definitely is an incredibly valuable resource to have and follow, for us folks following along, so thanks Paul for sharing so many of the details there :)

I find blogs tend to be that "hot-off-the-press" knowledge, that keep us posted about what's hot on your plate right at the moment. I'm hoping that a wiki could be a nice way to structure and order that knowledge, in a collaborative way, over time.

Sure, a word doc or text file might suffice too, I suppose there's a degree of simplicity and straightforwardness to those options that might be more appealing, atleast initially.

Perhaps the appeal of a wiki over word/text files could be that it'd be purely web-based editing, easy hyperlinking between pages, an open way to collaborate. I can confess wikis have their downsides, learning the wikitag keywords, and uploading of images is a bit more tedious compared to copy/pasting images into a word doc.

Ah well, I'm happy to plod along with the draft wiki idea, just to give you a chance to assess how it grows and could assist in sharing the project's knowledge-base.


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