mega65 wiki?


Yup, I'll concur with Paul. It'd be nice/ideal if eventually all content was housed in one location on one of the parent mega65 sites. That'll give users one search-bar up the top to hunt through all that info, rather than jumping between several sites.

There's probably a bit of elbow-grease involved by the admins to get that underway, so till then, I guess we can keep accumulating those docs via whatever medium we're comfortable with (whether it be text files, forum posts, google-docs, word docs, wikis, etc), and when the time comes, we can migrate them across.

I'm fairly flexible with whatever flavour of wiki that the powers that be prefer.

From my own past experiences (Confluence, Mediawiki, MoinMoin, Dokuwiki), I think I found Mediawiki my personal favourite so far in the freeware world. Confluence will beat it, but it is from the $$$ world (although they offer it for free if you prove you are non-profit). But no worries, you're welcome to choose anything, I'm flexible.

I haven't given the Github wiki interface a try, so I don't know how that fares against the other options.


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