mega65 wiki?


Hi Gurce, thanks for adding a link to the documentation i have.
The documentation I have in the above link is primarily for developers, and will focus on the vhdl architecture.
Paul has given me the go-ahead to develop in my own github repo, so I cloned/branched/forked off from his "reboot" branch a few months ago.

I will add to my repo more documentation as I work out the current design.
Pauls repo at: (unsure which branch to refer)
is very similar to
Bens repo at:
from and end-users point of view. They both build a bitstream that is almost exact in functionality.
As for the vhdl components that make up both Pauls-design and My design, they are almost exact at this stage. I wont start making changes to components until I document what is here already. Until this time, the documentation I produce (in my repo) will be current for both Pauls and My repos.

I would prefer user-guides and etc to be in your "" location at this stage, so that I can focus on development and working out the current functionality the design supports.


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