mega65 wiki?


Tonight, I've been improving and refining existing walkthroughs on the draft wiki with more details and screenshots.

I'm hopeful there's enough there for any windows developer to be tempted to put their toe in the water and give it a try :)

All walkthroughs are grouped on the main-page here:


Recommended reading order is as follows:


This is Ralph's document (with Deft's latest updates), walking you through how to prepare your Nexys board with the bitstream


For windows devs, this will give you a Cygwin environment that will allow you to build the linux-ish aspects of the project.


This will walk you through the installation of the ISE Design Suite used to build/synthesise the bitstream for the FPGA.

TODO: that final page needs to grow a bit more with additional details on what to do after the installation. I'll fill that stuff in after I learn it myself! :) (That's my next learning spurt!)


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