mega65 wiki?


I've enjoyed reading through all the existing threads tonight.

One thing I'm wondering now, is it worth documenting some of the accumulating know-how onto a wiki of some sort?

It could be a nice means for us to collaboratively contribute to documentation.

Already, I see some nice threads, such as "Monted 00 Partitions" (sic) and "Text-only yet up-to-date tutorial" that seem to cry out for someone (perhaps me? I like wikis :D) to prepare/install a wiki-server somewhere and copy/paste the essentials out of these threads and dump them onto a wiki-page or two.

Eg. In my case, I've got a nexys board coming my way. Those threads show an evolution of headaches and gripes new users have encountered, perhaps evolving at different generations of the bitstream too, so it'd be nice to have a single wiki-page reference pointing to the exact way things are done with the latest bitstream. If things change in future, usually the early-uptakers encounter it first, and they can update the steps on the wiki according to their experiences, which will give other users heads-up when they move onto the new bitstream too (particularly if you use the email notification features of wikis to tell you whenever someone edits a page).

For non-wiki people, this will probably sound like overkill/waste-of-time. But if we have a few wiki fans amongst us, or at least a few who may not be all that familiar but see the merits in them, then maybe it'd be worthwhile.

Just as an example of how nice and ordered a well-presented wiki could look, take a look at this cool c64-related wiki:

They use a freeware wiki called dokuwiki. I suspect they've done a few cool improvements on the default install (a nice tree-view hierarchy in the left-pane). There are a few other free wikis about (eg, Mediawiki, MoinMoin).

I've tried a few of these options myself in the past, they're 'ok', but it forces your community to get familiar with wiki-tags in order to format their text and clunky forms to upload graphics/images.

Probably the most friendly wiki I've encountered is from the $$ world, Atlassian's Confluence. It offers reasonably good wysiwyg editor, you can even use CTRL+C/CTRL+V to paste graphics directly (it handles the upload for you, very neat). I believe that they do offer a free-license for not-for-profit groups, so 'maybe' they might look favourably upon this project.

Well, anyway, I'll wait and hear from you guys on what you think. If the community think it's worth looking into, I don't mind putting in some time to investigate more options in this direction.

Finally, apologies for the verbose post, just had plenty I was pondering on the matter, so just wanted a chance to braindump it all.


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