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Hi everybody,

the machine is progressing well as you have seen on facebook and the MEGA homepage, still we could use some help to speed things up and/or do better and more. At the moment we are looking for a talented graphics artist. Oh, and coders (VHDL, 6502, C++) are always welcome. If you might be interested don't hesitate to contact us here, over or via Thank you in advance!


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append delete #1. Solei

Unfortunately i'm not a coder, and haven't photoshopped for quite some time - but i just tossed a donation at this project to help a little.

append delete #2. Deft

Thanks that always helps!

append delete #3. pmprog

I can write C/C++ (and a few other languages). What sort of stuff do you need?

append delete #4. EOF/TRSi

hi deft, count me in^^

append delete #5. ZeHa

For what kind of graphic work would you need an artist for? Any examples?

append delete #6. Retrofan

I'm a graphic designer (interface, retro games, web, logo, typography ...). Maybe I can help you.

append delete #7. Deft

Hi all,

thank you very much for your replies. May I kindly ask you to contact me over the form at ? We can definitely use all of your help and are excited to work with you!


append delete #8. Deft

EOF is already working on the MEGA65, for ZeHa and Retrofan: We need people for a) Boxart and illustrations and b) retro pixelation of Demos and Games we have in mind. Pmprog: There is need for tools, code prototyping etc.

append delete #9. Deft

Oh least one of you emailed and I seem to have lost that email again :(
I know it's just horrible but at the moment there are just too many things to do at once. Please accept my honest apology and keep sending me mails over the forms on or ... we really want and need your help!

append delete #10. ZeHa

Okay I guess this could have been my email. I will send another one...

append delete #11. pmprog

I'm a bit gutted, I got the dev board a while ago, but not even had chance to get it out of the box yet :(

append delete #12. Gurce

Yeah, I'd like to help out with this project when I can spare a moment. Got experience in C, java, some C++, and have dabbled with VHDL in the past.

I've ordered the Nexys board, and hope to make this my pet project to enjoy in my spare moments. It will probably take me a while to get up to speed with things before I can contribute anything useful, but once I feel like I've found my feet, I'll ping you via email :)

append delete #13. Deft

Awesome! VHDL help is really appreciated, please contact us via! It also would be super if someone could port the mist-minimig AMIGA core to nexys4 / Artix7 so it will be possible to run the MEGA65 as an AMIGA for fun ;)

append delete #14. Ben-401

Hi Deft,
Yes I am keen to contribute to this project. I have some vhdl and engineering experience.

append delete #15. Ben-401

Oh, and I have already forked off the project, it is located here:

#16. Deft

This post was deleted by its owner

append delete #17. Ordyne

Any hardware testing needed? Hand building prototype pcb's up etc?

append delete #18. ForceMajeure

MC6502-II, 6510? I used to tons of stuff on the C-64, hacks and encoders. But it's been more than 25 years since.

append delete #19. Orion Blastar

When Microsoft started to sell MS-DOS and made PC-DOS for IBM, they had a binary converter program that could take a CP/M-80 or 86 binary and port it to 86-DOS aka MS-DOS/PC-DOS. DOS had used some of the same Interrupts/APIs as CP/M used.

There should be a program for the Mega65 that converts C64 binary programs to C65 mode binary programs so it is easier to port code. Then they can be modified to use the extra speed and colors in C65 mode.

append delete #20. CasaDeRobison

I'm very interested in participating in the project. I'm a C64/C128 owner from mid to late 80s. Almost 30 years software development experience, most of it in C++. I took a simple digital circuits class recently. Only used Logisim for the class lab work, but it gave me enough of a taste that I just bought a Nexys 4 DDR trainer board. As you might imagine, I don't have VDHL / Verilog experience yet, but whatever I can do to help (and learn / practice) would be awesome.

append delete #21. gardners


We are always looking for folks who are willing and able to help out in a variety of ways. Is there any particular type of task that takes your fancy? Poke me off-forum, and we can explore the options. If you send a message to the MEGA65 facebook page, I can give you my direct contact details there.


append delete #22. Fab


are you also looking for someone without much experience in programming? I learned some basics about C so C++ shouldn't be such a big deal but I won't be as fast as your teammembers.
I would appreciate if I would be able to join your project.

append delete #23. gardners

Sure. There is a bunch of stuff that doesn't require extensive programming experience. Some of that could include testing instructions for simple programming examples prepared by others, and generally assisting with documentation etc. Perhaps it is time for us to get our google group back up as a place to coordinate this kind of thing. So, if you like, hop over to:!forum/c65gs-development

And introduce yourself, and we will start from there.


append delete #24. Stephan

As once I had a C65 (for example, the border demo mentioned on was written by me, and there should also be a plasma demo floating around somewhere), I'd be very interested in participating :) If you have a spare development board, feel free to contact me :)

append delete #25. PGSmobile

Hi Stephan, thanks for reaching out. As you know, we are now in email contact, and can take things from there.


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