Mega65 system ROM question

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Which version of the C65 rom will come with the Mega65?
I remember reading there was quite a few Basic 10 commands missing and some bugs, even in the later ones.

Ideally, something that doesn't say C65 development system on the boot screen and fully patched to complete what's missing would be nice.

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The ROM has to be licensed. What will be included depends on that license.

I hope, we will be allowed to put up a github repo containing source code that can be assembled to a complete firmware image (hopefully together with a test-suite that shows if a change/extension to the firmware "behaves well").

I'd also like to add a few gimmicks to the C64-mode as well, like some way to show a directory without losing your program. (Right now, I favor a load"$",8,1 will be hijacked and prints out the directory right after writing "loading". I've seen this in one of the many modified kernals for the C64.)


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