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Mega65 ideas, Laptop Mega65, Mega65 EMU in Linux, etc.

Orion Blastar

I like this Mega65 idea.

Once you perfect the Mega65 PC for 199 EU or 300 to 400 USD or whatever, you should make a laptop model Mega65 so it can be ported around. Put Wifi on it and connect to wireless networks.

I assume the Kickstarter ROM will modify the Mega65 into some sort of Mutant Amiga using GEOS that is modified to use USB ports, Ethernet, etc.

Google has Chromebooks, basically, just Chrome running on Linux. You can have a Linux run the Mega65 Emulator as the main GUI as Mega65books.

The AROS project is loosely based on the AmigaOS 3.X API calls, can you modify a Mega65 to run AROS ported to the 4510 or whatever for a 50Mhz 4510 based AROS OS that can run Amiga apps as well?

What about MINT and MorphOS, can they be ported to the 4510?

Also for emulators making a C54/C65 keyboard on a USB adapter would be a good way to sell things for the emulators to make them easier to use. Make a USB dongle that can accept the Tape Drive, 1541, 1571, 1581 etc devices with drivers for Windows, Linux, and MacOS to use the keyboard with an emulator. Do the same with the Amiga Keyboard, make it USB based so it can be used with the emulators. Make a USB adapter to use the Atari/Commodore/Amiga joysticks in the 9 pin male format port.

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