Mega65 for Vice?

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Is there a Mega64 profile for Vice? It would be nice if there was some way to program for this device BEFORE it was actually available so that there was more than just classic Commodore software available for it.

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Mean I correctly - VICE emulator?
If yes, we all will be happy if there will be C65. In other way I mean C65 will be there before SCPU128. SCPU64 there is, but sadly Commodore 64 is on the top and other computers like C128 are lower.
For example - many fixes, but long time existing FD-2000/4000 problem in case C128 was not yet fixed. All other computers with IEC bus can use FD-2000/4000.
How to programming M65 - as base can be MESS and its C65 emulator. Many meaning that works not, half is true - new versions of MESS working not, older yes.
Please forgive me (VICE developers) my critical words - really I never saw better emulator of C128 and other Commode 8-bits. But how to programming M65 before release? Easy - write code in MESS and test on Nexys4 - no problem. If you can, use 64TASS assembler.



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