Mega 65 ports add-on card - still available? if, where?


Hi Miro,

thie Widget board on this picture is mine and i have built it myself with instructions from the MEGA65 Github pages.

If you read this thread: you can find more information:

If it's only for a c64 keyboard and some joysticks, get the Keyrah v2 here:
it's roughly 40€ + p&p and works fine.

If you own a c65 keyboard, that you want to connect, then you have to build
your own widget board. If you have decent soldering skills, i still have one
empty pcb left.

:: @adtbm added on 08 Feb ’17 · 17:59

The Widget board is fully functional, but the expansion port is not implemented in the fw. Also
no paddle support.
MEGA stopped developing the fw, since they're doing their own Motherboard now, but the hardware design of the Widgetboard is complete.


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