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That was a long time ago when i last used my c64. Now i try it, and its working, but the picture was ugly on the LED monitor with scart. So i get a Lumafix64, the picture is ten times better, but its still not perfect. I saw you will build a hdmi connector into the mega 65, or its a plan. My question is, your hdmi connection to the led or lcd modern monitor will show a perfect picture, or still i need lumafix or oder solutions to make a good picture. Can you make it? Thanks!

Btw, your idea to resurrect the C65 it awsome. I cant wait you to finish the developing and can buy it.


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The MEGA65 generates its image fully digitally, so there should be no artifacts on HDMI. The VGA output also looks great.


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Thanks for your fast answer Paul, it sounds good!


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