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When I came across this as I was writing about parallel universes and what if C= still existed in this market place etc I was just abosutely amazed at this project.

There are so many reasons why it makes sense and a few why it doesn't but you can guess where I stand. LOL.

This is beyond a minor issue but like the whole DD issue its all about detail and I have noticed tha the logo is a 4 colour stripe not as itv should be as a 5 colour stripe! It's not just the C= heritage but extended traffic lights pricniple and reduced logic rainbow spectrum.

Any chance of a redesign?

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append delete #1. Deft

The logo was created that way so there is a visible difference to anything Commodore and we don't have to deal with lawsuits but can do development instead. We're pretty happy with what it is, however, if you feel like you can make a better one please go ahead and we will consider using yours in the future ;)

append delete #2. C256

Hey, thanks for the reply. Totally understand that logic, I keep on forgetting that 'Commodore' are still alive...

Hmmm... Where's that stylus, err, I mean pen ;)


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