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RE[11]: Mega 65 emulator


I'm not sure how many C65 owners dumped their ROMs (or if here was a german version at all - I would find that unlikely, as it was a development process, I wouldn't start with localization at the first glance when hw/sw is not even near to be finished, but I can be wrong, for sure), I know about these:

Sure enough, they are not all compatible with default Xemu (at least you need to specify DMA controller revision "A" or "B") but also true for real C65s: they were often incompatible with each other even on the hardware level, as the "surviving" C65s were actually kind of development, pre-production units at different stage of development, surely they differs at both of software and hardware level (so you can't exchange ROMs in a real C65 either easily if it was written for another hardware revision of the C65 project).

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