Mega 65 emulator


@Freddy Honestly, I don't bother too much about installing since it's so a development phase thing ... But if you're serious about that, you can say "make deb", then you can use "dpkg -i build/bin/xemu_current_amd64.deb" or something like that to install, so at least even your package manager will know about it then, and it's installed that way. Note, that name of the binaries are different then (you can use "dpkg -L xemu" to check the package content if it's already installed), this "xmega65.native" etc, is for only being multi-platform, "native" means no cross-compiling (for windows cross compiling it will be xmega65.win32 or xmega65.win64 for 32/64 bit builds, but can be rename to exe files). The ugly and dirty "binary-level deb package creation" of mine also includes a script, so after installing xemu deb package you can run xemu-download-data (as root! eg with sudo) and it will download data files for you. But anyway, as I've written, it's not so much ready for general use, that's why I didn't even bother too much about any installer regardless of the platform (eg for windows, many people would expect some decent installer - though I am not a windows guy at all, I am lame with that, at least with Linux I have experience).

Key bindings are a bit lame, I have to admit. You can see the content of file xemu/c64_kbd_mapping.c which is the common source of C64/Mega65 keyboard handling as well. My plan is to do this configurable, now you must edit this file and recompile xemu ... Since xemu in fact can use config files (even now, though not so much used feature ...) I should connect some options to define keybindings, so one can find a more easy way to simply edit a config file for xemu to re-define keyboard (surely, it's still not the ideal, when some want use a GUI-like solution to configure everything, but still better than the need to edit a c file, and recompile the source tree ....).

Surely, things like C65 ROM stuffs, graphics modes, etc, is already not xemu related topic too much. Maybe you can try this:

But it's hard to tell sometimes what works and what not, these "preliminary" documents from Commodore may be incomplete, sometimes only means "plan", and sometimes, it varies from ROM version to ROM version if it works or not, the same way as documented or not, etc ... After all, C65 had never came out as a product, so only different stage of development ROMs are available, and also documentation is confusing what it refers for, what ROM version, or even just a future plan (or even just an outdated information for any available ROMs). Hard question, well, in nutshell, in my opinion.


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