Mega 65 emulator

Orion Blastar

I could not find the Binaries, but I found some of the ROMs and the image files the XEMU emulator uses to work. I am told emulation of the Mega65 is not ready for prime time yet but getting there.

I uploaded the files here:

In case people don't have make installed or don't use it because they got Windows instead of a UNIX system. can download each file separately or download the whole thing via BitTorrent.

I think the SDCard images are formatted like the 1541 etc floppies are formatted because Windows and any ISO or BInary program could not read them.

Amazon sells 1 and 2 Gig SDCards for under $10 if you have a way for a Mega65 to read them.

I'd like to beta test the XEMU emulator someday when it is ready to work once the Mega65 is finished so the emulator can run the same programs.


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