Mega 65 emulator

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It would be a good think to make an MEGA 65 emulator.
The computer could be for masses and it would be easy to develop software for
this platform .

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Xemu by LGB has a MEGA65 emulator, which he works with me to track progress of the hardware, to keep it as current as possible.

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Where can I download it.?

append delete #3. LGB

The best would be a compilation from source, on Linux or UNIX like OS (including MacOS). The Windows version somewhat strange (mainly because I have no windows at all, so I just "blindly" ported to Windows, and I use cross-compilation done on LInux even to produce windows EXE files - that is, if you want to compile yourself for Windows only, you still need some kind of UNIX with SDL devel libs + gcc + usual UNIX tools to do). But anyway, you can try a somewhat older version eg from here:

Source repository:

Please note, that you need to provide the ROM, Mega65-kickstart, and even the proper SD-card image file by yourself. Till now it was mainly a tool more useful for Mega65 developers themselves: Though recently I have some plan to form Xemu into a more user friendly form, but it was not the top priority, but the ability that it can emulate Mega65 at all first (till a level which is enough for the purpose of the M65 development). So in nutshell: highly work-in-progress material ...

append delete #4. Orion Blastar

I could not find the Binaries, but I found some of the ROMs and the image files the XEMU emulator uses to work. I am told emulation of the Mega65 is not ready for prime time yet but getting there.

I uploaded the files here:

In case people don't have make installed or don't use it because they got Windows instead of a UNIX system. can download each file separately or download the whole thing via BitTorrent.

I think the SDCard images are formatted like the 1541 etc floppies are formatted because Windows and any ISO or BInary program could not read them.

Amazon sells 1 and 2 Gig SDCards for under $10 if you have a way for a Mega65 to read them.

I'd like to beta test the XEMU emulator someday when it is ready to work once the Mega65 is finished so the emulator can run the same programs.

append delete #5. LGB

No, the SD card has FAT32 filesystem. I don't know how you mean that no windows program can read it, it should be. However it also has a partition table so it should be handled that way. About the Xemu binaries, I've already posted where they are in the previous post in this topic:

For example, for 64 bit windows. That's true anyway, that these binaries and older than versions can be compiled from source _currently_.

Actually the mega65 emulator within Xemu does not even require those rom files at all. It only requires the C65 ROM but it's on the SD card image file.

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Does you emulator support the 16 colour sprites that's being shown off in the latest videos?

I must admit, I've not actually tried your emulator yet, because I've previously run off a bitstream.

append delete #7. LGB

@pmprog Unfortunately not :( Most of the emulator is was more about the "skeleton" of Mega65, CPU, memory addressing how it works etc, so it can boot with the default Kickstart what M65 has. Things like VIC-IV is just a "stub" to have the minimal functionality it needs to work for KS + C64 mode + C65 mode, to be able to get in. BUT. It does not mean of course that it won't change! Currently there are some heavy changes needed done with M65 recently, being incompatible with older versions. I have to realize that on the emulator level first, and making work. Then, it's - indeed - time for implementing parts eg VIC-IV "advanced" related stuffs, and so on. My previous work was the Ethernet emulation (it works in Xemu too, but only with Linux, since it needs low-level EtherTAP device attached to) which was need by me to write some code (for both of the board and Xemu) and learn about more on M65 ethernet things. The other problem, till recently, M65 development was in a bit "flux" that I was not sure what to really start to emulate to. Now it's kinda more clear than it was!! So it's really time soon :D :D


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