Mega 65 emulator

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It would be a good think to make an MEGA 65 emulator.
The computer could be for masses and it would be easy to develop software for
this platform .

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Xemu by LGB has a MEGA65 emulator, which he works with me to track progress of the hardware, to keep it as current as possible.

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Where can I download it.?

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The best would be a compilation from source, on Linux or UNIX like OS (including MacOS). The Windows version somewhat strange (mainly because I have no windows at all, so I just "blindly" ported to Windows, and I use cross-compilation done on LInux even to produce windows EXE files - that is, if you want to compile yourself for Windows only, you still need some kind of UNIX with SDL devel libs + gcc + usual UNIX tools to do). But anyway, you can try a somewhat older version eg from here:

Source repository:

Please note, that you need to provide the ROM, Mega65-kickstart, and even the proper SD-card image file by yourself. Till now it was mainly a tool more useful for Mega65 developers themselves: Though recently I have some plan to form Xemu into a more user friendly form, but it was not the top priority, but the ability that it can emulate Mega65 at all first (till a level which is enough for the purpose of the M65 development). So in nutshell: highly work-in-progress material ...


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