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append delete Ordyne

Is there anywhere the D81 images or files can be downloaded for whats shown in the Mega 65 youtube demonstration? Mainly the demos by Deft and Highlander :)

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append delete #1. Deft

Hi Ordyne, I just set up an open data room and uploaded the first demo disk (without the copyrighted games) to it. Please find it (and more in the future) here:


append delete #2. Ordyne

Hi Deft,

Thanks for that, loving the old school colour bars :)

Is there any IRC/Chat channel where Mega65 peeps are hanging out?


append delete #3. Deft

Hi Ordyne,

sorry for the delay, same reasons as written before :P
Please come to EFNet #mega. See ya ;)

append delete #4. gardners

Hello Ordyne,

For the moment for various reasons related to laziness, the lack of an IRC client that I actually like on a Mac, we are mostly using Skype and/or Tox (which we have just started using, and is a bit like skype, but open-source, which better fits with our philosophy for the MEGA65).

If you would like to join the MEGA65 group chat on Tox, send me your Tox ID, and I will try to add you.


append delete #5. Ordyne

Hi Paul,

Sorry for the late reply... Tox ID is: 40512594EA8F11C806A1B6C18BAFC346D7D140E567999B4A0226E59D04A6C3370563AF218784



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