Make the mega65 motherboard pure and real

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Is it possible for the final version of Mega65 public release that you store the kernal of basic, fonts, etc in ROM chip (not FPGA, but ROM chip)? What I am the end...can it be real Commodore computer with each function it's own chip and not all stored into one FPGA chip? Even the controlling of disk drive, Ethernet, and their drivers etc are all stored into a ROM (read only chip)? :)

I want it to be a real...pure...authentic Commodore motherboard computer with it's own capacitors, chips, everything....pure....VIRGIN Commodore 65 motherboard with it's own ports and everything. I want when people look at it...the concept of emulation is out the window...since all these chips are custom made...real, pure...for the Mega65.

I will buy two if you do that :) Heck...even the disk drive port or even IDE port or any designed to work only for the Mega65 standard...ah!

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append delete #1. kerunaru

Using a FPGA is not emulation… MEGA65 is a enhanced Commodore 65 _*CLONE*_. What you are requesting is just imposible with the manufacturing methods nowadays and another issue is buying from Commodore the license or schematics for each chip on system…

append delete #2. Solei

For the retro looks, it should not be a problem to use a socketed DIP eeprom for storing the system roms, but a masked rom would not be a good idea - it can't be updated.

Function wise it would be just as good to use a internally mounted microSD card, or some on-die flash memory for the system.

For instance, take a look at the Vampire Amiga Accelerator. It got both a SD card reader and internal flash for storing a kickstart rom:

append delete #3. Meshuggah333

Real products can't be fantasies. Splitting everything into, old school style, separate ASICs is silly. Not only it would cost a fortune but it would serve no purpose.
Old machine were done that way for easy maintenance (if something is toast, remove it, put a new one, go!) and because they were built by the 10th of thousands so costs were very low.
A highly reconfigurable machine with standardized I/O ports/peripherals, that's what this project seems to be going for.
I wouldn't be surprised many other foreign cores (Amiga comes to mind) would be ported to the platform once it's done and readily available (if the price isn't ultra high, of course).
This machine is the MiST and FPGA Arcade done better to me :D

append delete #4. LoveMega65

Allowing you to change the nature of Mega65 defeats it's purpose. OK...I agree with everyone you guys say up to that point. But saying we can put Amiga in it...NO! An entire project without any purpose if you can turn it into Amiga.

append delete #5. Solei

Its the advantage of fpga's that they can be programmed to actually *become* almost any type of electronic circuitry. If you prefer a C65 machine, then use the mega65 core and be assured that this is not emulation but the real thing.

Nowadays new chips or parts thereof are being constructed and tested as fpga cores before being manufactured as asics.

Due to miniaturization it is now in theory possible to make a single chip version of the commodore microcomputer - a system on a chip (SOC). It will be looking different from its older cousin, but under the hood it will be the same - and in volumes it would be much cheaper to make, compared to a motherboard made in the 80's or 90's. The same is the case for the mega65.

append delete #6. MIRKOSOFT

Yes, I agree. When we are talking about these thing, one wants exact copy, one joypad in style of present. I know that retro feel is good, but no one can agree that it's only feel. We know that collector wants exact copy, gamer new joypads unlike Competition Pro joystick, one (me too) only components which Nexys4DDR includes not, each opinion is different, but no one is wrong. So, I mean perfect solution is leave user to choose what wants, so leave full palette of options. In my case is FPGA not only M65, it's programmable device and each of us can advance M65 and share it, or programming other system. In my case I'm not user for which is important retro feel, I know about 8-bits more than current PCs and when anything works not I can find problem, but Windows BSOD is only message that anything went wrong... Maybe you think that retro feel don't want only dumb people like me which cannot know entire current technologies. No matter, if it can be true, why everybody builds not own C65?

append delete #7. Meshuggah333

I don't see why putting other cores on the machine would defeat the purpose of it. The MEGA65 is mostly the core itself combined with the look&feel of the machine, swapping core for a little fun won't do any arm...

append delete #8. MIRKOSOFT

You are true - when you say "Mega 65" - it's core of this machine, no other.
But you cannot say that Nexys4 is only for M65. Nexys4 provides realization of M65, and of course other cores. I'm using Nexys4DDR currently for Mega 65 and Apple 2.
So, difference is about what you're talking...

append delete #9. Ratteler

You can count me out if it's NOT FPGA. My "retro" love revolves around what COULD have been. Not what wasn't.

append delete #10. gardners

We could include a ROM socket, and will think about it, but it will increase the cost of the motherboard. That said, there are some good reasons to include a ROM socket, so the jury is still out on what we will do.

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