Learning from the Spectrum Next on Kickstarter


I'm currently following the Spectrum Next on Kickstarter (as a backer BTW) and think that it is handled extremely well (contrary to some former Spectrum related kickstarter projects). I would love to see the MEGA65 perform in a similar way, when the time has come.

What I find interesting is what is going on in the corresponding facebook group. The whole Next team is present and is communicating very well.

Community ideas are taken into account and responded to, even if not really applicable. From time to time videos get posted to what is going on behind the scenes. Community members are exchanging ideas and concerns. Even though I'm no big fan of facebook for that kind of collaboration, it makes the whole communication very 'accessible'.

Besides the product is very rich on features and well designed.

My point is, if the Spectrum can reach this level of interest, the MEGA65 should be able to even top that. At least if communication is done equally well.


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