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Hi all, I'm following this very instesting project but I haven't undestand well what kind of computer we have at the end.
We'll have a C65 replica motherboard with fpga acting as custom CSG chips or we'll have a Nexsys board to fit in the case?


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append delete #1. Meshuggah333

it'll be with its own motherboard, and much more powerful than what a C65 would have been.

append delete #2. GianPieroDeLolliis

Are there some pictures of the new motherboard?

append delete #3. Meshuggah333

When it's done :)

append delete #4. Deft

Next month most probably :)

append delete #5. Kuba Tyszko

I see quite an update to the website with a timeline, it seems the final product won't be ready until second half of 2017 - is that correct ?

I understand I could just buy a nexys dev board and run the bitstream - might have to do that to satisfy my hunger...

append delete #6. adtbm

@Kuba: That's what i did and i have just recently finished soldering my DM65pic-board
So now my C65 Keyboard has a use, as well as my joysticks :-D
Only need to do a HAck to get the LEDs on the keyboard to work.

I have allready started browsing through my games, to see what is working.

PS: running with the latest bitstream that was just released recently.
PSS: Skate or die - the game itself doesn't work, but the Guitar intro does YEAHHHHH !!!

append delete #7. Deft

@adtbm: I remember playing Skate or Die on the MEGA65 ... maybe you need another release? I usually test a few from, the newer ones usually run better.


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