Keyboard specs and case colors?

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As the keyboard specs been finalized yet?
I'd love to know if you're going full on C65 clone with a membrane keyboard or if you're going with a mechanical design, and if so, which switches brand and model has been chosen ?
Will there be color choices for case and keycaps as shown on some of the renders ?
Thx :)

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For the keyboard itself, see:

These are full mechanical keyboards with cherry switches. Initial colour choice will be as for the Model T Ford, "any colour you like, so long as it is this one".


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Does the keyboard have the international stuff like the c128 keyboard?
I mean the 'greyed' out extra Y,Z ß etc? (aka ASCII/DIN) ?
I know this is important for Germans ;)

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At the moment not, but that is relatively easy to manage, as it is just printing.

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Hey Paul, will there be keyboard kits so we can install whatever MX compatible switch we want? That'd be awesome!

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At the moment all effort is on just getting the machine ready for availability :)

The keyboard is with hole-through mechanical switches, so in the worst case, there would be nothing stopping you replacing the mechanical keys with other ones.



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