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Keyboard layout

Freddy Champagne

I would like to know if you plan to integrate the international keyboard layouts, like it was planed @ CBM (afaik similar as on the c128).

Also I would like to know if the 1351 Mouse will be suported. Because in my opinion the c65 should not only be a retro-computer, but also one to really Upgrade from PC back to real HC.

Coz in real life no one buy/uses a truck when he needs a car.
Same applies to computer: I don't need a PC @ home, I need a Homecomputer, which main goal is gaming and a little bit 'homework'. I don't need the power of M$- or LibreOffice, for my private needs GeoWrite and GeoCalc/GeoFile are good enough (altough modernizing geos to the capabilities of the c65 would be great).

This said I hope I can reinstall my MPS1200 and one of my older VGA-compatible LCD-Panel (and maybe also my 1084s in a 2-headed setup [like on my c128])

Btw.: great job guys, and please hurry up, I want that baby before I move over (I'm 60 now).

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