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I would like to know if you plan to integrate the international keyboard layouts, like it was planed @ CBM (afaik similar as on the c128).

Also I would like to know if the 1351 Mouse will be suported. Because in my opinion the c65 should not only be a retro-computer, but also one to really Upgrade from PC back to real HC.

Coz in real life no one buy/uses a truck when he needs a car.
Same applies to computer: I don't need a PC @ home, I need a Homecomputer, which main goal is gaming and a little bit 'homework'. I don't need the power of M$- or LibreOffice, for my private needs GeoWrite and GeoCalc/GeoFile are good enough (altough modernizing geos to the capabilities of the c65 would be great).

This said I hope I can reinstall my MPS1200 and one of my older VGA-compatible LCD-Panel (and maybe also my 1084s in a 2-headed setup [like on my c128])

Btw.: great job guys, and please hurry up, I want that baby before I move over (I'm 60 now).

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Hello Freddy,

1351 mouse is already supported:


Yes, I quite agree about sometimes a simpler solutions is better, provided it is good enough. Falk is busy working on the MEGA65 (and C65) versions of GEOS, which should be very nice to use, with increased screen resolution, MUCH faster drawing, and of course able to us the extra RAM and SD card storage.

As for LCD panels, we are also well down the track of adding support for naked LCD panels. However, unlike on a C128, you don't need two monitors, as 80 column and 40 column drive the same display output. We don't currently have plans to allow different display on separate outputs, although there is no fundamental reason why we could not have something in the future.



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