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RE[13]: JiffyDOS


@Chris3: well I wouldn't call that "flash" since the target is after all RAM from the pointview of M65, just for C64/C65 it's "ROM". But never mind, it's just the notions. As far as I know (Paul can answer this much better for sure ...) it's planned to have different configurations, and allow the user to press keys 0-9 (or such) during the boot to select some pre-defined one ... or so .... As for the M65 itself, you can even use all memory (including the area what would be "ROM" for C65 and/or C64) as normal RAM, if you need such amount of RAM for an M65 software project for example ...

:: @LGB added on 28 Jun ’17 · 17:40

The other reason, I would not call this 'flash', as ROM is always loaded at every "boot" of the machine, since it has no "real" ROM from the technical point ...

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