When I look at my C128 and JiffyDOS, I see that fast serial feature of C128 is enough for speed, only one drive JD really needs - it is 1541. C65 and M65 features fast serial too, only C64 has problem. I don't understand why is 1541 so popular...SSDD 170K with turtle speed. Ok, for C64 mode of C128, C65 and M65 is JD good shell extension for Basic 2.
Really it's old Basic version, but when I read posts about JiffyDOS, it looks like C128 fate - C64 mode limited it by hardware and native software. I don't want that M65 will be used for C64 mode only... I know that you all will be angry, but look forward and see M65 mode with all enhancements and understand that C64 is not king anymore. It's my own opinion, so kill me if you want.


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