Integer scaling and scalines questions

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Are there any details regarding how C64 games are displayed when playing through the HDMI connection (I presume at 1080p)?

For example:

1. Integer scaling option
2. Integer scaling with x5 options (and extra lines that don't fit being cut out
3. 1:1 pixel mode, other modes
4. Scanline and other CRT shader effects

:) Thank you!

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I made some research on the resolution and it seems that the only HD resolution is 1200p? These posts are from like 4 years ago though, so I would like to ask if 1080p50hz has been implemented as in this day and age, that would be the best option (I believe).

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The resolution is now 800x600. At the moment there is no double-scanning, but the VIC-IV knows to draw C64-style raster lines twice, but you can change the colours etc during this process, so you have full vertical resolution.


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A bit disappointed. Will wait to see if someone does 1080p50 support before buying.

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It's open source, so people are welcome to. The reason for going back to 800x600 is to avoid having to use an even more expensive FPGA, and some related complexities. Also, in our experience from having used the earlier stages at 1920x1080 and 1920x1200, there simply isn't much need or use for this in an 8-bit computer in our view. But as I say, it is open-source, and folks are welcome to implement what they like, but our focus is getting something affordable out the door in a reasonable time frame, so we can't do everything that everyone would like straight away.



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