I'd like to help!


Hiya Tweakoz,

While I haven't contributed to the project for a while, I still like to keep tabs on the forums, just in-case one day I can contribute something once more :)

When I saw your post, I just thought I'd share a few links that might be handy for you.


This is a google groups forum where a lot of discussion goes on between developers on the project, it can be a good place to introduce yourself too.


This was a forum post where several developers introduced themselves. It can be a nice starting point to know the other devs a bit, and share a bit about yourself too :)


This is the main wiki for the project, hosted in github, a good place to read up on the knowledge base accumulating around the project.


This was an alternate wiki I nurtured in earlier times. I had hopes to migrate the details there to github too at some stage, I made some efforts towards it, but ran out of steam. So there still might be gems of knowledge on there that could be useful to you, particularly if you prefer walkthroughs with lots of screenshots of what and where to click. Also, there was more info relating to Windows-users that want to work on this project via Cygwin, and how that can be accomplished.

The project tends to be a bit Linux-centric, so if that's your preference, you'll be fine. If you prefer a Windows environment then rest assured it can be accomplished too via Cygwin.


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