I'd like to help!

append delete Tweakoz

Hi mega65 folks. What does the project need help with?
I am excellent at embedded c/c++ (pro game programmer).
Passable with HDL and electronics (and have equipment).
Willing to test/build prerelease hw.
Have nexys4 (non ddr :/ )
I totally agree with the use case for education, as I learned programming on vic20/c64. Graphics and audio programming kept my interest peaked.
I have a few ideas for beefing up visuals and audio whilst staying with the retro flavor, though of course these can always be done in alternate firmwares.

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append delete #1. Solei

Hi, and Welcome.

I recall that gardners had trouble with the ddr memory on the newer boards - so it will probably be omitted or replaced by something else the final product.

Just keep an eye here and I'm sure that either Deft or gardners will pop in to say hello ;)

append delete #2. Gurce

Hiya Tweakoz,

While I haven't contributed to the project for a while, I still like to keep tabs on the forums, just in-case one day I can contribute something once more :)

When I saw your post, I just thought I'd share a few links that might be handy for you.


This is a google groups forum where a lot of discussion goes on between developers on the project, it can be a good place to introduce yourself too.


This was a forum post where several developers introduced themselves. It can be a nice starting point to know the other devs a bit, and share a bit about yourself too :)


This is the main wiki for the project, hosted in github, a good place to read up on the knowledge base accumulating around the project.


This was an alternate wiki I nurtured in earlier times. I had hopes to migrate the details there to github too at some stage, I made some efforts towards it, but ran out of steam. So there still might be gems of knowledge on there that could be useful to you, particularly if you prefer walkthroughs with lots of screenshots of what and where to click. Also, there was more info relating to Windows-users that want to work on this project via Cygwin, and how that can be accomplished.

The project tends to be a bit Linux-centric, so if that's your preference, you'll be fine. If you prefer a Windows environment then rest assured it can be accomplished too via Cygwin.

append delete #3. PGSmobile

Hello :)

Yes, we always welcome folks who would like to help. An original nexys4 board is fine to use. The m65pcb-ports branch has a script that can be used to synthesise for that target. Be aware that branch is in a bit of a mess right now as we try to settle the transition from 1200p to 1080p.


append delete #4. tweakoz

@PGS - what do you need help with?

append delete #5. PGSmobile

Tweakoz poke me on the mailing list or Skype so that we can work out what makes the most sense for you to work on.

Do you have any experience with c compiler hacking?

append delete #6. pmprog

I was going to ask, can we use the existing cc65, or do we need a special build?

I've managed to get my MEGA65 to boot, though I couldn't figure out how to mount disk images, but didn't really have the time to dig in. I did notice that the keyboard entry seemed a bit fickle. Some of my keypresses didn't register.

Anyway, back on topic, I'm currently writing a game for the C64, so have been thinking about writing something for the MEGA65, and that brought me to the toolchain to use

append delete #7. SvOlli

I was going to ask, can we use the existing cc65, or do we need a special build?

The CPU support is in ca65, and you can still use cc65 in c64 mode without problems, but if for using c65/mega65 features you'll need to expand cc65. If you want to go this way, I suggest starting with a C65 mode, that will enable running binaries from C65 BASIC. If that one works, you'll can think about expanding the compiler itself to use the new 65ce02/4502/4510 instructions.

From my experience with implementing the 4510 support in ca65, I can tell you that you should support the C65 as the primary target instead of the MEGA65.

I've managed to get my MEGA65 to boot, though I couldn't figure out how to mount disk images, but didn't really have the time to dig in.

GO 64

As for the toolchain to use: if you're writing assembler there has been some effort on several assemblers to include the 4502/10 instruction set: 64tass, acme, ca65 are all decent assemblers supporting all instructions of the CPU, Orphis also does, but that's a pain in the a** from the users point of view.

append delete #8. pmprog

Thanks SvOlli

C would be nice, but I'm capable of working in ASM, so that's fine, I'll pick up one of those assemblers to have a play with for now.

Looking forward to seeing more information about the VICIII and VICIV modes

append delete #9. SvOlli

More information about the VICIII (as well as the rest of the C65) is here:

(...or you can check out the complete repo at )


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