HW Commodore 65 out on Ebay

append delete David

A Commodore 65 is now out on Ebay:

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append delete #1. Freddy Champagne

itz no original MEGA, me not buy!


append delete #2. Solei

Will go for silly money as expected.

If only i had the same luck getting a c65 at local fleamarkets - as i had a few years back when i got a box of nes cartridges for cheap not knowing that Stadium events (in mint condition) also was in that actual box.

Almost like winning the lottery ;)

append delete #3. adtbm

If it's not Mega65 - it's not for me ;-)

append delete #4. LGB

Haha, I had a dream once that I found a C65 at flea market exactly and it would cost around an EUR or so (!) but I had no money with me so I had to run home to get some money in hurry before some can find it too and buying it. No need to say, I woke up sweated. Yeah, kinda geeky kind of dream or whatever, never mind :)

@adtbm: A "real" C65 would be nice too. If nothing more, than just for comparing compatibility etc etc, sometimes we need to guess on some C65 feature more, than actually know what it would do (both in case of M65 development maybe, and in case of Xemu too, btw).

append delete #5. adtbm

Hi LGB !
Agreed ! a real c65 would be nice, but i am definitely not willing of spending 10K and more on it

PS: Everytime i go to a fleamarket, i have, far back in my mind, the thought, that maybe... i'll find a c65 there this time....*SIGH*

append delete #6. gardners

I at least got a C64C from the local scrap yard last time I went there. Only 1% of the value, but at least 100x more likely ;)


append delete #7. LGB

Hehe, great find anyway :) Even just a totally unusable and ugly "cannot be saved" kind of C64 is great, usually there is something at least can be saved/used from that later. I'm not a great collector but I have something like 10 of C64s, 2 of C128s, bunch of C16s, Plus4s, Amigas, and even many "mostly Hungarian" computers. Who knows, some parts can be useful even if the machine does not work too much. So I need more :-D Sometimes it's kinda hard to get parts for an old computer otherwise ...


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