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Will this thing have a GPIO header like raspberry pi?

I was having a lot of fun programming the GPIO in riscos’ bbc basic/arm assembly, but 65XX assembly is way more fun than ARM.

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append delete #1. Freddy Champagne

On c64/c65 Systems we use the USER- and the EXPANSIONport for such stuff.

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There will be an internal header direct connected to the FPGA for the very adventurous, and the expansion port otherwise. We have plans to make an "expansion port to user port" adapter. Having a built in user port would make the PCB too big and expensive, unfortunately, but the ability to make an adapter largely solves this problem, without adding to the price.


append delete #3. Gunstarrhero

can we throw a raspberry pi on the header and help run the system that way?
basically co process and run web browsers on the system without having to emulate or switch to the pi.
that would be neat for a handler that would allow the pi to interface, induct into the system, and interface in geos :)
give the system more ram and processor capability (one would have to co process)
but we could still use it to get on the internet and add ethernet accessibility and add usb

PLEASE! :) why do i bring this up? i gave that idea to someone for the amiga and they said no because they didnt want the raspberry pi running workbench and the system without emulating ie: no one would "hack" uae to move the emulated 68000 core instructions to the real ones located on board, which meant usage from the expansion port; ie: aga1233n.

append delete #4. gardners

If you really want to connect a "big" processor, you have a few choices. One way is just to plug something onto the 100mbit/sec ethernet . That gives you almost 12MB/sec of data, which is probably more than enough.

The handheld version will support 3G/4G/5G cellular, anyway.



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