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RE[8]: Goattracker for MEGA65


@Zaadii: well, it depends who those SID files work. Honestly I have no experience with that at all :( But if you give examples, or you have well specified questions ... Basically, if the question is about to load something in C65 mode (something like the usual BASIC stub with a SYS line), it can be done with writing C65 version (it would need a BANK token as well, and another memory address), then maybe some init code to set C64 speed, alter memory configuration etc etc, and then the program will more or less "sense" it's a C64 or so. However you may have problem with illegal opcodes especially on a real C65. On M65 though, as far as I know there is an ongoing change to use 6502 CPU personality if VIC-II I/O mode is set so it can help in that situation at least. But I am not sure if you want this, or you'd be more happy to port things to "really C65 mode" not something like "mangled" ... Well, I am not sure I could explain myself clearly enough ...

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