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Can you post a video of GEOS running on the Mega 65?

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append delete #1. exocytosis

Please do - it would be really interesting to see how GEOS behaves on an M65 (at native C65 speed).

Speaking of which, how owns the right to GEOS these days? I'd love to see a re-compiled version for the Mega 65!

append delete #2. Solei

A version of GEOS made to take full advantage of the enhanced palette, screen resolution and speed could be cool. Maybe even bundled with a new Dopus or Norton Commander like tool to handle and organize files locally and for ftp, etc.

append delete #3. gardners

We don't currently have GEOS working on the MEGA65, as it never worked on the C65.

We'd love someone to patch GEOS to work with the MEGA65.


append delete #4. Ralph Egas

FYI, I am working on it. To get it working we'll first have it boot properly from 64 mode and in order to do that the 158 driver needs to be ported to Taking advance of the SD controller. I've managed to strip away the turbo code so at this point no true 1581 drive emulation isn't needed any longer. I will now commence to replace block transfer code with logic that talks to the SD controller directly. For that I need to setup the Nexys board as a proper devkit with etherload and serial debug access as until this point I've been working through VICE.

:: @Ralph Egas added on 07 Aug ’16 · 10:21

158 driver -> 1581 driver

append delete #5. Meshuggah333

Do you plan on doing a commented disassembly of parts of GEOS? I remember it doing some really cool tricks to display the interface.
An optimized, expanded version of GEOS for the MEGA65 sounds really good, it would make file management a lot simpler.

append delete #6. Ralph Egas

I might! Too early to tell at this stage. Please note that most parts have already been commented by a guy called Maciej who shared his disassembled GEOS code in January.

append delete #7. gpz

GEOS disassembly existed for ages, see (get in touch with Maciej Witkowiak,

append delete #8. Meshuggah333

Reading his GIT right now, thx guys.

:: @Meshuggah333 added on 09 Aug ’16 · 17:00

Edit : Meaning : reading Ralph's GIT not Maciej's, I'm tired :)

append delete #9. gardners

@gpz Yes, this is what Ralph has been using as the basis for his port (see my recent blogpost for details and video showing it boot).

We are also close to getting a clear legal situation on the use of GEOS on the MEGA65. More on that via the blog when we have it finalised.

append delete #10. gpz

cool, so you can format the damn disk legally? :o)

append delete #11. gardners

Apparently so :)

append delete #12. frehwagen

Cool project :-)

Any help needed in bringing GEOS to MEGA65? I produced a compilable disassemly of kernel 2.0 over 20 years ago, so I went through much of it, connected 64net and flash 8 hardware those days.

Could be interesting to do some 8bit coding again :) So cool...

append delete #13. gardners

I am sure we could use some assistance to work on GEOS for the MEGA65. Ralph is taking the lead with this. One task that we still need is a version of Configure that supports the MEGA65. We have a disk driver for the MEGA65 that can be included and used already. Hop over to and you will see the GEOS repository.


append delete #14. Freddy Champagne

Would be nice to see an adapted MegaAssembler (nice coincidence with the name, eh?) which should be able to support the 'new' CPUs extras and some docu explaining the geos65 mode (memory map - enhanced graphic routines etc.).

In the long run I can imagine some MEGA65 native IDEs for cc65 and/or some BASIC (maybe GFA-BASIC?).

append delete #15. PGSmobile

There is already some preliminary work on an IDE, in the form of a nice multi-file, multi-window editor that is partly finished.

append delete #16. Bob

What about an updated version of Wheels which was an upgrade to GEOS, I've got a copy of Wheels that I use with my Commodore 128D and I must say it's heads above the old GEOS OS in speed and the looks of it's layout, or desktop are much better! If I were you I would look at Wheels as the OS to build on for your new OS.

append delete #17. gardners

Hi Bob,
Yes, we are aware of Wheels. I think there are some copyright problems with using it, but it doesn't mean that it can't inspire us.



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