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Howdy all,

Just a heads up on the recent progress on the Freeze Menu for the MEGA65:


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Looks great!! Thank you. Another step closer to a release.. :)
What is the next part you are going to work on?

Have a nice weekend,

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I am currently refining a few things in the freeze menu, such as being able to freeze to any freeze slot, to make it easy to switch between things. Other than that, mostly squishing bugs.


append delete #3. demesmaeker

Thank you Paul!

Honestly, I rather have a beta product and order it already now and get the possibility to update, than you working on making the product better :)
But maybe you are a perfectionist :)


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We want to in fact get it "minimally functional" before we release it. I assure you, there will be many unfinished things when it is released! But the core functions of the freeze menu really are the heart of how the MEGA65 will be used, so it is important to get things like freezing to different slots etc working.


append delete #5. demesmaeker

Ok thank you so much for all your work. Don´t give up :)


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