Fred Bowen's last official c65 Kernel ROM was 911204

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i just found this article from the 90's:

where Fred Bowen states in an interview, that he had the latest c65 Kernel Version 911204
installed on his own c65.
(Read under "Welche ROM-Version ist die "aktuellste"?)

Does this Version exist somewhere ?
Have you been in contact with Fred Bowen ?
Does anybody even knows about this version ?
(me personally, thought, i had all available ROM versions, but from the look of it, i don't)

Sorry, but i was just wondering and curious, what changes there might have been to 911001
(the highest version i have)

With best regards,


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The latest comments in the source that I am aware of is 911119.


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Thanks for the heads up, I just sent Fred a message asking what he has and what he is willing to share with us :)


append delete #3. MIRKOSOFT

It will be pretty if he want to share, but also with us, of course I understand his and also your decision.


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