Floppy disk label

append delete kerunaru

I've thought it would be awesome to have floppy disk labels adapted to MEGA65 logo design… So I've made this.


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append delete #1. Meshuggah333

With rounded corner cuts on a nice sticker photo paper, that would look quite nice.

append delete #2. Travis B Moore

Will you have double sided floppy disks for the drive? And will you ever try a mini DVD desirable drive for reference volumes such as encyclopedias, digital books, photos of music and will it even run mp3 or mp4? And are those the old 1.44mb disk. Japan i think had larger back in the 80s. But the odd thing was they had laser disk in a diskette format.

append delete #3. zeha

way too much text. have you actually printed this and put it in a disk? the font size will be horribly small.


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