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Hi there again!

I'm my excitement about Mega65, I was wondering if you guys are going to make some cool packaging for the final product (I mean, a great box retro-art, manual, stickers and so forth)

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append delete #1. Deft

That totally is the plan :)

append delete #2. kerunaru

Ok, then. Guys, you'd got me :'D

append delete #3. exocytosis

Deft - do you guys have plans for a BASIC/programming manual in similar style to what Commodore has shipped with every single 8-bit computer? *cough*ringbinder*cough*assembler*cough*

append delete #4. LoveMega65

Hey Deft, in the manual can you show the power of poking, peeking in BASIC when it comes to do internet and other cool stuff. Also assembler examples and information is very powerful and useful too! Please don't forget the poking and peeking...bring the good old days back :D

append delete #5. gardners

We intend to have a really nice manual shipped with the MEGA65, that will be in the spirit of the C= 8-bit manuals. So, yes, it is likely to be ring-bound, and it is also quite likely to show you how to code a raster split in assembly language (and possibly also in BASIC, since the MEGA65 is just about fast enough to do so).


append delete #6. mega65dreammer

soooooo nice. do you know a developper named devil master at

I need to know where you are going to sell it and how much ?


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