Expansion port support for this ?

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Will this fully support the Expansion port and Cartridge slot? My MIDI interface uses these.



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The expansion/cartridge port already works quite well, and supports $DE00, $DF00 I/O as well as the usual ROM select lines, so if the cartridge doesn't do anything too odd, it should be okay. If we were able to play with one of the cartridges here, I would be able to confirm and/or fix any problems we see. We are in the process of getting the MSSIAH cartridge support already, if that helps.


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... but note that there is no user port on the MEGA65. We will, however, likely make a cartridge that turns the cartridge port into the user port.

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MSSIAH sounds familiar ... Isn't that the one which even caused trouble for C64 Reloaded which is strange as C64 reloaded is more or less an original C64 just with a brand new motherboard design and few changes, as far as I can see, but original components mostly.

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I need the user port right now. I haven't put the software on cartridge yet but I'm using the UserPort.


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Tell me more about the hardware on the cart, and how it communicates via the user port.
Are you using just the 8-bit data port, or also shift registers? Any other signals?
What combinations of input and output on the user port?

As I mentioned, we have planned for a while to make a user-port cartridge, that will act transparently just like the user port.


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