Estimated ETA on the release, and where to buy after official release?

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I am SOOO excited for the MEGA65...! I was born after the era of 8-bit computers (2004) and I want to actually experience it myself, and this IS the product that will 100% fulfill it.

So, if you can, please give me an ETA for actual launch or kickstarter (if there is even a need for it). Plus, after launch, where would you be able to actually get it? (Amazon, eBay, etc). Would there be an option for international shipping? I'm just concerned that I won't be able to get it, since I'm from Israel, and many things don't ship to here.

I hope you will finish the project and deliver it even this year, and I hope that you'd be capable of answering all my questions.

Omer Shamai

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ETA stands for “estimated time of arrival”, so “estimated ETA” is redundant. ;)

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It will be possible to order online once available, and we expect international shipping will be available, as we know we have a market in Europe, the USA and Australia at least.

ETA can also be "expected time of arrival", so in that case, "estimated ETA" does make sense :P



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