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RE[6]: Does anybody actually want Commodore 65 ? / some destructive ideas


Miro, since we had some talk otherwise too, I may see the problem of yours, and as always, it's kinda hard to say someone is right or wrong, it's not about that at all ...

The "problem" here, that M65 is focused on a dream-come-true (at least for some people, ok), ie a modern clone of a never-finished C65. Ok, since then, it got many other things, but its root is the same, still. And given by that, you can't just change the fact, that C65 at least had some low degree of C64 compatibility. You cannot force other machine here to be compatible with, it would be very different project than M65/C65. So what I wanted to say, I am not sure, what you would like then, since that is the roots and the origin of the project itself. Surely, being an FPGA based solution, you can at least write other "cores" to implement totally different hardware, but you can't just mix into the project directly for C65 and/or M65 "mode" as such easily. Or if you want to "cut off" C64 from M65 since "we don't want another" then it's just odd, since it's part of the original design as well, surely with quite limited compatibility, but still. It's like (ok, not really ...) cutting off C64 from C128, since VIC-II and SID is "so much C64" (and to be more precise, C128 has a much-much-much better C64 compatibility mode than C65 ever would be ...), let them kick off :-P It would be a kind odd situation. I admit it was not the best (but about the worst ...) "resemblance", but anyway ...

The other problem, as far as I can say from hearing news, etc, many people wants M65 in the future because of "it can be used as a C64 too". Well, yes, you can hate this. But it's really shrinks the "target audience" of M65 if you leave any further work on C64 compatibility, even if we know, C64 compatibility may be not 100% ever, unlike using a C64-specialized core, as should be otherwise. Life is just that odd. And yeah, it seems here I contradicts myself, when I said that it's fine to even create something which is not compatible with anything at all (like C256 ...). Well, maybe there is no "white" and "black" in opinions either, just shades of grey.

About Ace: I'm not really understand the situation, but it can be my fault. If you ever wanted to develop it for "C65" it wouldn't change that M65 basically is that as it roots, or what did changed, what is the exact reason you call "wrong way for the project" then? It would be that to break several barriers of the C65-compatibility, since then it's nothing to do with the original goals. But yes, lack of time, that's a kinda logical answer, I know that too, maybe too well :( :( :( :(

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