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RE[4]: Does anybody actually want Commodore 65 ? / some destructive ideas


@ Chicopy C65 is never "sold", well, at least not the way, like C64, etc ... As project C65 was never finished, all the existing units are "developer units" which actually a bit different software and hardware inside for almost all of them ... So not even a common C65 "standard" for real existing C65 units. Creating a C65 clone (albeit a further enhanced, thus M65) is actually to grant a wish to have a "ready" C65 which was not even the case in reality. So partly, these are for people who are interested in these kind of dreams. So it's hard to compare, how many software written for that, etc, you wrote ... Of course almost none, it's a never finished project. That it's all about to think this way, to have it finished _now_ inside the M65 project. Surely, it's for people more interested these kind of things/dreams, it's not for everybody! OK, actually, there are many other factors here as well ... Like the added value over the C65-level, the possibility to create a computer which can be used even to learn more on computers etc etc. You can argue the point of many other projects as well, like C=1 and C256 Foenix, especially the second, where they create a "Commodore-like" computer not even aimed to be compatible with any existing and/or planned Commodore machines (M65 "at least" wants to be compatible with some finished C65 state and even gaining more C64 compatibility)! But again, there are different people, some of them are interested in these as well, including me too. Some people say, that's insane. Surely, even my wife says, that real C64s etc are mad to be used now, since they are so "insane", even cannot be used for watching youtube videos, etc. That's true. The point of retro computing in general is over the "logic" and much more a "personal love" ... Any existing kinda modern PC will be much powerful than any Commodore machines ... That's a much more emotional topic than just this.

@Miro: "C64 is not only one and even not best Commodore computer.". The first statement is true, the second is ... hmm pointless. How do you measure being "the best"? So, any Commodore machines nowadays are "lame" since cannot be used for the same as a modern PC. Again, "the best" is more a personal taste and _love_ and not so much a logical benchmark/specification/anything to check out ... At least nowadays. Surely, back in time, in that era, it made sense to say which is the better technically, which one to choose, and so on. At least more sense than now. Let's face it, for many people, the love towards "old computers" is more like a personal "intimate" thing. For me: my first computer for C64. So C64 has its place in my heart, regardless of any other statements about its "hype" or "capabilities" or anything. And it does not mean I don't like other "retro" computers than C64, for sure.

In general: even with some attraction to "retro computing" it does mean other things for different people. First, emulators. I can't see any point buying/using a C64mini for example. It's an emulator. I can run an emulator on my PC too, for free, what's the point here. But I admit, some people is not interested in configuring software-distributed emulators, don't want to power on a PC for it etc etc, and wants a self contained device, for that purpose only, even if it's "only" an emulator. Nothing wrong about that. Some people like "more hardware level" stuff, and some of them can't even accept FPGAs saying "it's cheating, it's not the very same any more by its internals". I can't even imagine a scenario to have a project in this topic which suits everybody, you see .. But as far I can see, having a "real" (physical) machine, which is not an emulator, having open source VHDL for FPGA implementation (which makes possible even for others to port it to other FPGA boards if really desired ...), and even having a hopefully maturing emulator (well, that's my task ....) can create a situation where many different people can find their needs within the project. Again, maybe not, we are not the same, even then there can be other feelings, for sure.

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