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RE[12]: Does anybody actually want Commodore 65 ? / some destructive ideas


Long time I was waiting in development of The Ace for CPU switch for C64 mode from 65CE02 to 100% compatible 6502 - that posted Paul on blog and it was very high chance to apply C64 part of core directly without dramatic changes for C64 mode.
Really why I'm talking about C64 mode as wrong way:
- developers will benefit only from enhancements
- native C65 mode will fade (same as C128 and DTV)
This makes from chance to get new C65 mode software less possible.
Also - C256 project avoids it - new computer and really can be not successful 'cause C64 scene won't accept anything other. The same was with TED Series.
I hope that C128 community will support much more C256 than C64 community.
And when will be anything new and all will see benefits, it can allow to look more people forward. BTW - C256 has same processor like SCPU... so it's 65K family and in emulated mode it is x65 family (of course 65C02)... and more and more.
We can talk long time what is or not wrong, but it is opinion of each other.
I hope that M65 will be finished and I'm afraid about fate like C128 and DTV.
I hope that C256 will not have fate like TED Series and not afraid about fate like C128 and DTV and even maybe (please noooot) of M65.


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