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RE[9]: Does anybody actually want Commodore 65 ? / some destructive ideas


Miro, that's interesting. As far as I can see (but I can be wrong!!!!) development on C64 mode (ie further enhancing its C64 compatibility) within the M65 project does not get too much developer resources compared to C65/M65 level stuffs, at least I am not aware of this would be the case. So this is one reason I cannot understand what you mean about "wrong way for the project" when it didn't get too much attention anyway yet, just maybe some plans were talked/written about and such more, than actual work. So, I see exactly what you wrote: the focus is on non-C64 things more. Surely there was things, like implementing "NMOS illegal opcodes" in VIC-II I/O mode and such to enhance the compatibility but I really cannot see that it got so much attention and work from developers that it had negative impact on things for C65/M65 side, that is lack of enough developer resources there, because of the "too much" time spent on "C64 mode". But surely, I am not exactly the person you should accept this information from, that's true :D :D Indeed, C256 looks a nice project (and thanks, btw) but, its target audience is very limited, I worry a bit if this project dies eventually because of the "too new" thing created, has no connection with anything (ie, on some scene parties, there are DTV demos time to time, but DTV was somewhat popular at least because of its C64 compatibility at the first place and then only the extra features ...). But I wanted to be wrong here SO MUCH! It's nice to have something completely now, as well!!

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