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Does anybody actually want Commodore 65 ? / some destructive ideas


If you finish this project (please please do..) and it would be successful, then I guess it could be only for one reason - 99% of people would buy it to play C64 games.
Possibly there really exist the 1% who is interested in C65,
I don't understand why, I have never heard about it before discovered Mega65, I am unable to find any list of games made for it and according to Wiki only 50-2000 pieces were sold.
Do you expect anybody would waste time and write new (& better) games for C65 ?
Why ? Spend months making games anybody can copy for free ?

I also have doubts you will ever be entitled to sell your clone of C65.
I guess there is still somebody who owns rights for all Commodore stuff, despite the company doesn't exist any more.

If you think there are not any legal issues threatening, then I would ask you to consider following ideas:
- the fact you are trying to make the Mega65 physically the same as C65 must make it very expensive; if your version supports SD cards, then there is no reason to use 1.44 Flopp-drive;
also no reason to copy the C65 keyboard
- why not to make the PCB as small as possible (cheap), omit Floppy-drive, design simple little enclosure, use PS/2 or USB keyboard, add some wireless transceiver to enable design of wireless joysticks = thats enough for the 99%...
- I guess FPGA soft-processors like MicroBlaze or Nios are much more powerful than the processor used in C65. There also exist compilers for them and many people use them. Couldn't the video & sound circuits you cloned be powered with this kind of processor ?
I personally program 8b microcontrollers but if I could choose, definitely would prefere assembler programming with comfort of 32b architectures.

Anyway, I wish you great success with Mega65 and hope it will be ready soon and for reasonable price - otherwise, you know, emulators do the same job for free and work ok in many cases..

Kind Regards

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