Does anybody actually want Commodore 65 ? / some destructive ideas


Gábor I understand, what to write:
1. C64 is not only one Commodore computer - true but many people thinking - we don't want other.
2. C64 is in eyes of users the best - why? Even M65 project has in C64 mode again more functions and looks like same fate like my beloved C128. Of course it is personal feeling or love.
Me personally began with Didaktik M (ZX Spectrum Czechoslovak clone) and then came C64.
3. C64 Mini is what you say - emulator and this I want not (not for C64 exactly) - emulator stays emulator forever.
4. M65 project is not emulator and this I like, but now the way to finsih is harder for developing other variants.

What to say?
I'm watching Paul's blog since I found it on Google+ and it is lot of years.
I saw first steps.
Me personally cannot to say that he's slow 'cause my OS The Ace is developing much more time like M65... but for many reasons I have not enough time, sadly.
I hope that I will have more time, currently I can at developing to be around 2 days in week... sometimes 1 day and sometimes no one day in week... So, all people watching progress, please don't think that I will not come, please all wait still any time.

hank you for all.


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