Does anybody actually want Commodore 65 ? / some destructive ideas


Hello Miro,

I hope noone crucifies you for your words, and I certainly wont.
The whole point of the retro scene is that it should be fun for people with their volunteer projects. If it stops being fun, then don't feel any obligation to continue. It also makes sense for you to focus on fewer platforms, as scope-creep is always the enemy of us all getting things finished.

It is important to note for the phone concept, which is really much more hand held console that happens to also be a phone if you want it to be, is a side project where we make good use of student projects, without complicating the critical path to the desktop computer. The desktop computer remains our main priority.

Hello Chicopy,

You are quite right that there are other ways to tackle the retro experience. What you have described is more or less what the C64 Mini has done: Use a cheap, fast 32-bit modern processor, and emulate everything. I won't hide that that is cheaper than our approach, but we really want to recreate the complete computer experience. As I mentioned to Miro, everyone has their own tastes and choices, and doesn't have to think any particular project is completely right, but hopefully it doesn't stop us all enjoying hearing about all the projects going on in this space. For example, I have no interest in buying a C64 Mini, but I like to hear how people are using them in nice ways.



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