Does anybody actually want Commodore 65 ? / some destructive ideas



I agree!
I'm one of the 1% mentioned.
Really I want to work with C65 clone and it needs really not physical copy for retro feel.
It needs only to get it work.
When I saw latest posts on Paul's blog I see it goes far away from the goal - make C65...
Phone, even C64 mode has more functionality than C65 mode - again may people want C64 in Commodore 65 - C64 is not only one and even not best Commodore computer.
Also - these reasons created my decision - I sold Nexys4DDR (used was only for M65, Apple IIe and Sam Coupe) and like you told - emulators does the same. BTW. I have Sam Coupe and Apple II+ (saly not IIe) in MiST.

M65 projectgeos wrong way - far away from its goal.
Also this reason was at discontinuing M65 support of my The Ace OS.
Now I can develop it faster 'cause targets are only two - C128 and C64.

Many men will crucify me for these words, but everypbody can have own opinion and I have too. Written above.



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