Does anybody actually want Commodore 65 ? / some destructive ideas


That's okay. I don't worry a lot, because the whole point of the C65 was that it was an evolved C64. The M65 is just that, with improved backward compatibility, because real C65 were so incompatible as to be almost unusable except for a few specific titles. Whether people only use the M65 as a C64, a C65 or an M65, I don't really mind. What matters to me us that people have fun using it, in whatever mode and for whatever purpose. If it can make people from all three camps happy, then I am happy.

If we are worried about the M65 being a commercial success, then we should all give up now -- because that is not the point, and it would be a totally unreasonable expectation in (almost) 2019. It is all about the fun. Do whatever brings you the most joy in your hobby time.



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