Does anybody actually want Commodore 65 ? / some destructive ideas

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If you finish this project (please please do..) and it would be successful, then I guess it could be only for one reason - 99% of people would buy it to play C64 games.
Possibly there really exist the 1% who is interested in C65,
I don't understand why, I have never heard about it before discovered Mega65, I am unable to find any list of games made for it and according to Wiki only 50-2000 pieces were sold.
Do you expect anybody would waste time and write new (& better) games for C65 ?
Why ? Spend months making games anybody can copy for free ?

I also have doubts you will ever be entitled to sell your clone of C65.
I guess there is still somebody who owns rights for all Commodore stuff, despite the company doesn't exist any more.

If you think there are not any legal issues threatening, then I would ask you to consider following ideas:
- the fact you are trying to make the Mega65 physically the same as C65 must make it very expensive; if your version supports SD cards, then there is no reason to use 1.44 Flopp-drive;
also no reason to copy the C65 keyboard
- why not to make the PCB as small as possible (cheap), omit Floppy-drive, design simple little enclosure, use PS/2 or USB keyboard, add some wireless transceiver to enable design of wireless joysticks = thats enough for the 99%...
- I guess FPGA soft-processors like MicroBlaze or Nios are much more powerful than the processor used in C65. There also exist compilers for them and many people use them. Couldn't the video & sound circuits you cloned be powered with this kind of processor ?
I personally program 8b microcontrollers but if I could choose, definitely would prefere assembler programming with comfort of 32b architectures.

Anyway, I wish you great success with Mega65 and hope it will be ready soon and for reasonable price - otherwise, you know, emulators do the same job for free and work ok in many cases..

Kind Regards

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The MEGA65 is fully C65 backwards compatible -- it has the same mixed 8/16-bit processor architecture.

As for hybrid modes that combine various C64 and newer features, this is of course quite possible and up to the community to make what they want. We are just making the tool box that makes it possible for people to have fun doing so.


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Im the one that gonna waste his time and live to develop games for mega65. :P

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Excellent to hear!

My son wants me to help him write a tower defence game in the style of plants versus zombies. I actually think that sort of game would work very well on the MEGA65 -- especially on the hand-held version. The more the merrier!



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