CRT Emulation?


Hey there,

as I see the Mega65 has HDMI and modern resolutions.

What about CRT Emulation? Ist something like this planned?

I only like my C64 on a real tube. I think it looks horrible without rasterization, pixel blending, scanlines, some kind of blurr and so on. Even a real C64 on a TFT is looking horrible and the picture has nothing to do with the look the designers had in mind back in the days.

Same thing for the Mega65 I think and also for the included C64 Mode.

This question is currently also being discussed on German Forum64.

There are some good software NTSC and TV Effects out there, even good open source ones but not any FPGA ones I've heard of yet.

So do you think I and other's who love the retro look will be satisfied with the Mega65 Output?


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