Commodore name licensing

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I am guessing there is no use in pushing hard on this until the project is much closer to completion, but I am wondering what the sense is among you guys about the chances of actually being able to brand this as a "Commodore" computer or a Commodore 65?

I know the licensing situation with Commodore at this point is... obscure, at best, but I am curious as to what you all see as the possibilities.

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So in theory it would be great to get the licensing to use the commodore brand, however, as you point out the licensing situation is not particularly simple to navigate. For now, we are just focussing on trying to get the machine finished.


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Hi M.E.G.A. Team,

after following the project now for quite some time and having thought about
the issue with the branding as well, i personally think, there is no need to get the
original Commodore logo on the Mega65.
(probably there are people who will disagree).
But from my point of view, before spending time, money and resources into getting the
"C=" onto the Mega65, all of you can be proud of what you have accomplished so far, so
just keep the "M65" !

In the meantime, your project evolved so far, that everybody who is interested in 8-bit,
knows exactly what Mega65 stands for !
You guys really finish, what Commodore haven't done !

Your latest Bitstream is so amazing... (march 2019)
... The SID sounds great ! (or should i say the two SIDs ;-) )
... The Freeze menu is mind blowing (It's so much fun browsing through the discs now !)
(Thanks for the Reset implementation into the Freeze menu Paul, it's great)
... the compatibility towards the c64 increased even more
(OK, there are still issues with certain games, but hey, it's WIP.
i.e. my personal favorite game: from Rags to Riches (You can't pick up stuff and the
sprites are...garbled ))
(This is one of the main bugs i have encountered, with most of the games i have tested
and didn't work as supposed to. Not sure if it is VIC related.)

The only question from my side would be now: how does it looks with the rights for the
c65 Kernel ? and how does this right includes to the embedded (inside the 65 Kernel) c64 Kernel ?

Thank you very much and with best regards,


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Hello Anton,

Thanks for the kind words!

Regarding the compatibility issues, we will keep stamping on those -- probably for some time after the initial release. Indeed, that is where we expect the focus of activity to shift post-release.

On that, we do intend to add a virtual 1541 to the MEGA65, so that you can access D64 images from the SD card, and games that use fast loaders etc will work. We hope in fact to allow the 1541 to be accelerated with the CPU, so that fast loaders can load even faster! This will of course help a huge number of games to run more easily, and save people the hassle of having to convert things to D81 images.

As for the licensing issues, we agree that we don't need the Commodore name for it to be a success. It would be nice, but we aren't stressing about it. The C65 ROM licensing we believe we can solve, although the whole negotiation is taking longer than we would like. Worse case scenario, we will write our own ROM that is as compatible as we can manage.



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